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Proper Ban Appeal Format

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Proper Ban Appeal Format Empty Proper Ban Appeal Format

Post by Kaotic Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:45 pm

To properly apply for a ban appeal you need to post the following:

1) Your in game name
2) Your GUID (which can be obtained by typing "#beclient GUID" into the chat box when playing. )
3) Your IP Address (obtained via google)
4) Reasons you believe you were wrongfully banned
5) Any possible sources to corroborate your story


"yo man, why the fuck did I get banned you dicks, I didn't do anything, I'm fucking blah blah, reowrhadfaosdfhboawgaw I hate you, you're all garbage, unban me nao."

If you do that, we will completely abandon all hope in you as a player and will disregard your ban appeal.

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