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Post by Kaotic on Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:41 pm

To all the players on The Winchester DayZ Server,

Server IP/Port:

Last night we got hacked to a point where I needed to implement a new hacker detection and protection program. It is currently in place and is working quite well, you will all be updated on how it is going and of course, will notice the severely crippled number of hackers that enter the server. We do everything in our power through log checking, script checking, etc.. to provide you with the most protection possible. In the instance that we can't protect the server, we will do a temporary shutdown and rollback as promptly as possible. As you have all seen, the server has very little downtime and that includes the time it's taken us to get the new load screen and debug monitor in place.

We thank you all for hanging out in our little server and hope you're all having a good time Smile

-Marco aka Kaotic.

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